How to Get Gold in Dr Driving | 4 Ways

Dr driving is one of the oldest and most playable car games in the world. It was developed in 2013 and is now popular among many countries due to its popularity all around. This game is all about driving and parking. In this article, we will talk about how you can get free gold coins in Dr. Driving, step by step, without any issues.

How to Get Gold Coins in Dr Driving | 4 Ways

Gold coins are paid if you want to buy; you’ll have to use a debit or credit card (Real Money). I’ll share some easy ways to get free gold coins based on my own experience. Here are a four ways to get:


1. Completing Mission

One way to earn gold coins in dr driving is to complete missions that you can do more easily. One of the easiest missions in dr driving is the highway mission in which you will drive a car on a straight road. In this mission, Drive a car on a straight road and protect your car from collisions.

The highway mission is very easy according to other missions. So, play this mission over again and again which will help you to earn more and more coins and increase the number of total coins. This mission will also help you in increasing your driving capacity too.

2. Connecting With Facebook

You can get free gold coins in Dr. Driving by linking them to Facebook. Plus, when you connect with Facebook, you can play with your friends. It’s the easiest way to earn gold coins – by linking your Facebook, you can get up to 100 free coins.

3. Winging MultiPlayer/Onlne Match

It’s an easy way to earn gold while playing multiplayer mode. To get gold, play a match and beat your opponent in an online match. You’ll earn gold after winning every multiplayer match. You can also get extra gold. If you play two or more matches with your opponent, you’ll get even more gold at the end of match.

Here’s how you can get it:

  1. After the match ends, if you win or Lose, a win is not required.
  2. Sometimes, you’ll have just one match, and sometimes more.
  3. A landing parachute will appear; click on it to receive gifts like Silver Coins, Gold Coins, and more.
  4. To get bulk of gold coins, you can try watching Ad videos. Sometimes, in a landing parachute at the end of multiplayer match, you might have the chance to receive extra gold as a gift.

4. Bulk Gold By Downloading Apk

The easiest way to get unlimited gold coins is to install dr driving mod APK which will give you millions of gold coins with all cars unlocked.

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The easiest way to get unlimited gold coins without doing much is to install Dr. Driving APK. This gives you millions of gold coins and unlocks all the cars. With unlimited coins, you can upgrade your cars, buy new features, and do whatever you want with these coins in Dr Driving.

Wrap Up!

The special version of Dr. Driving lets you have as many gold coins as you want. I use these coins to make my cars upgrade and get cool features for them. You can use your coins however you like.

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